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Kalmar Electric Portfolio

The time is now to go electric. So what are you waiting for?

Introducing the Kalmar Electric Reachstacker,and the Kalmar Electric Heavy Forklift With a choice of electric battery options and power chargers, you can choose a solution that is safer, more productive and produces zero carbon emissions at source.

The time is now to go electric.
Kalmar Electric Portfolio videos
Kalmar Electric Portfolio
Kalmar fulfills its commitment to deliver a fully electric portfolio with the launch of three new eco-efficient solutions.
Electric Reachstacker
Our electric reachstackers come with a choice of battery and charging solutions so we can tailor a battery solution that’s right for your work cycles. Maintaining your current levels of productivity, if not helping to improve them. What are you waiting for?
Electric Heavy Forklift
Kalmar's electrically powered forklifts offer a broad range of lifting capacities from 5 to 33 tonnes, a choice of battery solutions and can be used for a variety of material handling applications.