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Kalmar Insight

- performance management tool for cargo handling operations.

Turning data into actionable, impactful insights.

Kalmar Insight is a performance management tool for cargo handling operations that gives you an easy to use overview of your fleet operations, by aggregating data from multiple sources. Enabling you to take action on real-time information, that will help improve your overall operations immediately. Kalmar Insight, turning data into actionable, impactful insights.

How can digital solutions optimize your safety?

In this webinar we discuss three safety solutions enabled through Kalmar Insight.

A single view of your operations.

Kalmar Insight brings together data from your entire fleet, including equipment built by other manufacturers. You can aggregate data from multiple sites and access this information via mobile or other screens.

Review your fleet in operation, by playing back the information you are interested in and make decisions that will have an immediate impact on your business. In addition, get greater control over your equipment availability by using the maintenance scheduler, which will also order the required parts automatically.

Kalmar Insight is a powerful tool that will make a real difference to your business. For a complete overview of Kalmar Insight, visit our virtual showroom.