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Свяжитесь с нами!

Реконструкция и модернизация кранов

Поднимите производительность кранов на новый уровень.

Добейтесь большей отдачи от существующих кранов, оптимизируя их с применением наших обновлений и компонентов для модернизации, направленных на повышение производительности и продление срока службы оборудования. Наши решения по модернизации, предоставляемые через региональные представительства, предусматривают увеличение рабочей высоты, удлинение стрелы и электрификацию. Мы являемся ведущим поставщиком услуг по реконструкции и модернизации кранов с более чем 100-летним опытом помощи заказчикам по всему миру в деле повышения производительности и продления срока службы их оборудования.

Проверенные решения для кранов всех типов.

Мы предлагаем несколько различных вариантов повышения производительности кранов-перегружателей (STS), портальных кранов на пневмоходу (RTG) и рельсовом ходу (RMG), а также портальных контейнеровозов. Специалисты компании Kalmar работают с заказчиками, чтобы понять их потребности и выполнить детальную оценку их оборудования в целях выбора оптимальных решений.

Crane heightening.

The trend towards larger vessels, driven by the pressure to achieve a lower cost per container move, is impacting quay crane performance. The ability of your terminal to serve larger vessels may be limited by the height of your existing equipment. Our crane heightening solutions are a cost-effective way to extend your terminal’s capabilities and optimise performance by helping you get more from the assets you already have.

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RTG electrification.

RTG electrification offers a fantastic opportunity to get more from your existing assets. Fuel costs are one of the main factors determining your total cost per move, and electrifying your diesel-powered RTGs can significantly reduce consumption and cut your carbon emissions at source to zero.

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Modernisation of electrical systems.

Outdated electrical systems that use obsolete components can have a negative impact on crane uptime – and therefore the overall productivity of your terminal. Our professionals can work closely with you to develop a comprehensive modernisation solution for your cranes’ electrical systems that will increase the reliability of your equipment and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

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Lifetime extension.

Based on an analysis of the current condition of your crane equipment and the additional number of moves you require, we can specify and install the necessary reinforcements to keep your working reliably and safely for its intended lifespan.

Stacker platform.

Upgrading your STS cranes with a Kalmar platform improves both safety and efficiency at your terminal. The platform improves safety by moving stacking operations away from ground level, and with stacker bins located directly under containers you can increase efficiency by cutting the time per move. We also offer a number of other options to enhance safety, including semi-automated solutions.

Increasing crane working load.

We offer various solutions for increasing the working load of your cranes, including a lightweight trolley replacement and structural improvements.

Rail-span or crane-width modifications.

If you need to increase or reduce the rail span of an STS crane, for example in preparation for moving it to a new location with a different quay layout, our experts can work with you to specify the optimal solution for your needs.

Increasing crane speeds.

Increasing the speed at which your cranes operate can help you improve productivity. Depending on their type and current condition, we can support you by specifying and performing modifications that will increase the hoisting and travelling speeds of your cranes.

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