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Sourcing in Kalmar

Kalmar sourcing 


In line with being the preferred business partner of our customers, Kalmar envisions being the preferred business partner to our suppliers. In order to improve the productivity of customers’ business, Kalmar’s supply chain must deliver the most value to our customer in terms of QDCI as defined below.

Continuous improvement in all areas is key to Kalmar's supply chain success.


Kalmar has the following objectives for our supply base:

Q – Target is Zero Defects in the pursuit for perfection.

D – On time Deliveries and in the right quantity.

C – Productivity improvement to reduce expenses, increase profitability and add customer value.

I – Early and close technical cooperation on new technologies and for new products.

Kalmar supplier portal 

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Existing suppliers who require portal support or login issues: Please contact your local quality or sourcing contact at Kalmar to request assistance or send an email to The supplier portal is utilized for communication regarding quality internal and warranty external claims and other requirements and to provide scorecard Key Performance Indicator status.


If you are interested in becoming a Kalmar supplier, please review the downloads below which outline our quality and supplier requirements. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file provides details regarding the products and commodities Kalmar Sourcing purchases for both production and non-production, and the process followed to become a supplier. If your products are a match for Kalmar’s needs, please contact us at

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  • Supplier Requirements 

  • Supplier Quality Manual

  • Supplier Portal & Scorecards (existing suppliers only)

  • Contact Information: For inquiries, please select the department that best fits your requirement.

    • Sourcing Department/Potential Supplier:

    • Existing Suppliers who require supplier portal support or have login issues:  Please contact your local Quality or Sourcing Contact to request assistance.



To see FAQ, please go to:

or download the file below.