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Keeping your cargo moving.

MyKalmar is your Kalmar digital platform. With a single point of access and a user-friendly design, you’ll benefit from greater visibility and control over your maintenance activities, parts ordering and equipment performance - helping you improve your operational performance, safety, and efficiency across your entire fleet.


What is MyKalmar?



Your single point of access for a range of your Kalmar digital services such as Kalmar Insight and MyParts.



Easy to use and reduces paper- and administrational work



Improves visibility, transparency and access to critical information, available at all times.

Looking to get access to MyKalmar? Contact your local Kalmar representative or fill out the form through our "Contact us" button to the right.


Access your information

With MyKalmar, besides accessing your various services, you get access to more detailed information: a complete list of all your registered Kalmar equipment, all your equipment contracts, complete contact list for Kalmar automation customers.


MyKalmar streamlines your business processes with:


  • Access to Kalmar MyParts where you can find and order Kalmar genuine parts for your equipment and track your order
  • A full list of parts previously ordered for easy re-ordering with Kalmar MyParts
  • The ability to review your connected fleets data and optimise your operations with Kalmar Insight
  • Plan maintenance activities based on real time parts delivery schedule so you can plan and schedule maintenance activities
  • Case management generation and tracking with Kalmar services and automation teams
  • The capacity to manage your team's access to Kalmar Insight.


With many digital services in one place MyKalmar puts the control back in your hands so you can concentrate on what really matters, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Login to MyKalmar

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Удобная система онлайн-заказов через Kalmar MyParts.

Теперь вы можете воспользоваться нашим новым интернет-магазином Kalmar MyParts, благодаря которому заказ оригинальных запчастей Kalmar становится проще, чем когда-либо. Вы можете ввести серийный номер детали в поле быстрого поиска или получить доступ к детали через каталог запчастей для вашей машины, а также просмотреть прошлые заказы и обновить информацию о своей компании и способе доставки.


Посетите Kalmar MyParts

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Kalmar Insight.

Turn your data into actionable insights with the Kalmar Insight performance optimisation and management tool. Kalmar Insight helps you make smarter decisions and optimise your operational planning and execution by providing your key user groups with a real-time overview of your terminal’s productivity and performance.

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